Why Get TABC Certified?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the state agency that regulates alcoholic beverages from the manufacturing level to the ultimate consumer.

The TABC encourages all sellers and servers to alcohol to attend an approved TABC seller training certification course. The course helps the seller and server to understand the laws and helps them develop techniques in order to remain in compliance with those laws.

If an employee does sell or serve to a minor or intoxicated person, the violation may be restrained if certain guidelines are followed.

In order for a case to be restrained, the business must adhere to the following:

• The seller, or server, must not be the owner or an officer of the company
• The seller, or server, must hold a valid and current seller-server training certificate.
• All employees of the business who are engaged in the sale, service or delivery of alcoholic beverages, and all immediate manager, must have been certified within 30 days of their respective hire date.
• The business must have written policies for responsible selling and serving of alcoholic beverages. Each employee must read and understand these policies.
• The business must not directly or indirectly encourage the illegal sale or service.
• The must not have been three of these types of violations within a twelve month period.

This is called the “Safe Harbor” provisions.

If an illegal sale is made, the seller, or server, may be arrested for the appropriate criminal charge, but the administrative action will be “restrained”

This Means…

A business may be protected from a fine, suspension, or cancellation of the alcoholic beverage permit or license.

Other TABC Certification benefits may include:

  • Being a responsible member of the community
  • Helping employees become more knowledgeable and thus more responsible
  • Lower insurance rates.

Checking the Certification of Employees

Certification may be checked online at:  https://online.tabc.state.tx.us/datamart/mainMenuTXABC.do

Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth will be needed to complete the check.

Approved seller training schools must submit the trainee information to the TABC within 14 days of the trainee completion of the TABC course.

Certifying Your Employees

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